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Sans Soucis

For 75 years SANS SOUCIS has been standing for innovative and advanced beauty products which are developed and produced in Baden-Baden with great passion and the highest demand regarding quality, efficiency and skin tolerance. 

Ever since, all products have been based on the mineral-rich thermal spring water from Baden-Baden.       It stimulates skin’s metabolism, improves its wellbeing and is exclusively used in SANS SOUCIS products.

On the search for new beauty elixirs, SANS SOUCIS’ immersed into the depth of the oceans making use of the efficient regenerative powers of the sea. They supply skin with moisture, impart elasticity and support the cell renewal. Due to the perfect combination of these marine ingredients with highly efficient cell substances like hyaluronic acid, magnolia and aloe vera extract, unique skincare products were created which help skin in a very natural way to keep its youthful look.

Your advantages with Sans Soucis:

1 Top quality at a consumer-friendly price.

Sans Soucis is the ideal entry-level brand for price - sensitive consumers.

2. High brand awareness.

3. Comprehensive product range for every skin need.

4. Special hallmark: pure thermal spring water from Baden-Baden, is used in the production of the body and facial care products, as well as the makeup line.

It is rich in natural minerals and trace elements such as sodium, calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium- all known as being essential for beautiful skin.

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