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Semi Permanent

What is Semi Permanent Make-up?


Semi Permanent make-up involves pigments being inserted into the skin using fine needles, which will remain there for several years and fade out gradually depending on the skin type and routine of each client. Sun exposure, the use of products containing Retin A or Glycolic, and treatments that are related to skin cell removal will  shorten the length of time the pigment remains.

Unlike other make up, following application, Semi Permanent make up cannot be removed with water or cleansing agents. It is ideal for those with allergies to conventional make up or individuals with an active lifestyle. One may also choose Semi Permanent Make up to restore the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes lost due to Alopecia or following chemotherapy.

Which areas are normally requested for this treatment?

The most common areas are Eyebrows , eyeliner and lips.

We provide different semi-permanent treatments including eyebrows (hairstrokes or powder effect), eyeliner and lips (lip liner or full lips).

For semi permanent eyeliner, we offer a variety of colours and styles ranging from a simple defined line, to a natural-looking soft lash enhancement to a more thick liner.

For Whom is this Semi permanent make up ideal?

Semi Permanent Make Up is for anyone who desires the freedom from daily makeup application but who wishes to look their best at all times. Perfect for busy people who have little time to apply makeup or very active, athletic, sporty people who cannot continuously reapply cosmetics.

This is an ideal treatment for people who continually need to use a brow pencil for patchy or non existent eyebrows. One can choose from a subtle, soft pencilled look to textured hair.

A commonly requested procedure is permanent eyeliner, which is ideal for women who would like to free themselves of daily make up application, or for those suffering from unsteady hands.

What colours can be chosen?

We will help you choose the proper color. The natural skin colour, hair colour and eye colour are always taken into consideration. A soft natural color is always advised.

How long does semi permanent last?

It generally lasts around 1 year. After this time a touch up would be required to keep the semi-permanent make-up fresh.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows
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Semi Permanent Eyeliner
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Semi Permanent Lips
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