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FOUND EXCLUSIVELY AT L' AMICAL BEAUTY CENTRE, Fr-Haut is an amazing new line of professional skin care that has become 'a must have' tool to treat many skin concerns being face or body, thanks to its working method and excellent formulation.

Fr-Haut was established in 1998 in Spain. Currently it is a reference brand for professional aesthetics in Spain and 15 more countries around the world.

Quality, Innovation and Results are its greatest competitive advantages.

Fr-Haut's first steps were aimed at providing effective treatments for acneic and atopic skins. Thanks to the success achieved in addressing these two problems, the foundations of the brand were laid and strengthened. Over time, the Company has earned a place at the forefront of cosmetic industry by including in the formulas innovative active substances developed by the most internationally renowned laboratories. It works in synergy with the best asthetic and med-Asthetic professionals to properly care for each skin type.

Well aware of the demands of beauty therapists, as well as their challenges and shortage of resources to tackle them, Fr-Haut provides a most comprehensive range of treatments with guaranteed results. These treatments are catered for every skin type and for every age and gender.



  Famous for its' main ingredients being hamamelis, ivy, ictasol, horsetail, sage,hop, chamomile,  rosehip, Salicylic Acid clay    and Vitamins.  

  This is a combination of natural essences to heal impure and altered skins. It is particularly indicated for the treatment of      sensitive skins, acneic skins or dermatitis.


 PURE Range :


 Famous for it main ingredients being soliberine, evermatTM, leucidal, specped, moringa, vitamin C, Hyaluronic, pentavitin,  acmella, oleracea, glycosaminoglycans.

 Pure is a range of active biotechnological concentrates that can penetrate the deepest skin layers. Results are very             powerful and they are visible in a short period of time. PURE is so the perfect and necessary partner to trigger changes     in our skins and achieve the aims proposed by therapists, as it improves the properties of the daily care treatments             at home. 


  EVEN Range:


  Famous for its' main ingredients being Cromabright, kojic acid, Glycolic Acid, Retinol, Arbutin, Glycyrrhiza glabra, bellis      perennis and vegetal coal.

  Even, is a range enriched with biotechnological patents and plant substances for depigmenting and preventing the skin      from photo- ageing. Besides, it reduces wrinkles and includes Comabright with proven efficacy against spots and results    like hydroquinone.



  Famous for the main ingredients being encapsulated vitamin C, Vitamin  E, beta carotenes, hyaluronic acid, Lichee                seeds, ananas sativus, ascorbyl glucoside and papaya.

  Thanks to its innovative system of micro-capsules , it guaranties the Vitamin C delivery to the skin. It improves the                syntheses of collagen and prevents skin aging due to atmospheric conditions (sun, pollution etc..). Thanks to its high            content of beta carotenes, sun lovers will obtain a quick and very safe tan. 




Famous for the main ingredients being telangyn, ginkgo biloba, ruscus, vaccinium  mirtillus, mallow, B- CircadianTM and Fucus.

OxygenO2 strengthens the capillaries and the dermal connective tissues in order to combat the undesired effect of tissue inflammation caused by both exogenous environmental factors like high temperatures, sun radiation etc. and endogenous  factors like smoking, medication etc. OxygenO2 provides a comprehensive care for sensitive, asphyxiated or reddened skins that do not want to ignore aging. 

 Hy+ Range:

Famous for the main ingredients being biotechnological hyaluronic acid of high and low  molecular weight.

Hy+  Range contains a combination of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights and structure- collagen regenerating peptides. Hyaluronic acid is able to penetrate the different layers of the skin and perform a filling effect thus increasing water deposits within the  different  layers of the skin. Collagen fibers and elastine are restructured and their  regeneration  is  stimulated.  It is free  from parabens, perfumes, petroleum products and  PEGs.

 The Active Range:

Famous for the main ingredients being Retinol, Matrixyl 3000, Reforcyl, Gatuline, Syn-Ake, Eyeseryl, Argireline, Exo-PTM, RenovageTm, Vitamins A, C and D.

The Active is the perfect partner to improve the signs of ageing in skins very damaged by the passing of time, but also sensitive skins. The Active combines the best active substances from the most renowned laboratories. A 'Drone' that combats the 5 factors involved in skin ageing. Cell Regeneration, filling / Volume , Lifting Effect, Improve Sensitivity- Dryness  and  protect External Aggressions.

Glow Range:

Famous for the main ingredients being  prebiotics, niacinamide, bakuchiol, Hyaluronic acid and acmelia oleracea.

Glow is a face skincare range with prebiotics and niacinamide, among many other active ingredients to maintain the            balance in the skin microbiota, responsible for the correct skin functions. An unbalanced skin flora can trigger skin              problems. Niacinamide is known because of its many functions in the skin, such as regenerative or depigmentant function. Glow helps global care in all skin types, even the most sensitive and demanding ones. 

 White Tea Range:


Famous for the main substances being white tea, neodermyl, porphyridium cruentum, cranberry seeds, caviar, african kigelia and commiphora mukul.

White tea, the Elixir of immortality. It combines its antioxidant action with biotechnological Neodermyl, which improves the structure and connectivity of the tissue by stimulating the production of different types of collagen I and II. It improves the skin elasticity and the reduction of wrinkles depth. 

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